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All information regarding donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders of the QEII Foundation is kept in the strictest confidence by the Foundation, and will not be disclosed and/or sold, leased, or traded to anyone. The information will only be used by the Foundation for the purpose for which it was collected as disclosed to the individual.

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Abbie J. Lane Gym Enhancements
Ketamine Treatment Program
Nuclear Medicine Scanners
Innovation Catalyst Fund
Eye Care Centre
QEII Patient Assistance Fund
CT Simulator
Spinal Robotics
Patient Reported Outcomes for Cancer Care
QEII Patient Essentials Fund
Highest Priority Needs
Cancer Care
Comfort and Care
Diversity in Health Care Bursaries
Mental Health (Research)
ROSE Clinic
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People often choose to include a gift in their wills to support organizations and causes that hold significance in their lives. I would like to receive information on how to leave a gift in my will to the QEII Foundation.

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