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What if mental health care was brought to you, where you are?

We're back with season four of The Circle Continues. Each of the five shows this season features local, community causes. We're kicking off the season with our April 16th show which features the QEII Foundation and specifically, the E-Mental Health project.  

When you’re living with mental illness, timely access to care means everything – your ability to live, work, and take care of yourself.

Prevention is a key element of care. This means giving attention to needs before they escalate to a level requiring urgent care.

The biggest challenges with our provincial structure are access and wait times.

Whether dealing with mild, moderate, or acute illness, Nova Scotians are often placed on a list, without any immediate answers or coping strategies.

It's time we changed this, and the QEII Foundation is at the forefront.

Driven by donors, they are providing e-Mental health solutions that will give all Nova Scotians access to mental health care, without having to wait.

Those experiencing common mental health issues would access professional help sooner, freeing up the wait to see specialists in-person for those experiencing more severe illnesses.

This becomes particularly powerful in rural communities, where there are not enough mental health service providers to meet local demands.

With their incredibly generous contribution of $600,000, RBC Foundation has ensured that these services will be here to stay. We have just $60,000 remaining to reach the funding commitment for the e-mental health project, and we know that together, we can make this happen.

This is our time to respond when Nova Scotians reach out for help. 

Same day access. When it's needed most.

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Tuesday 13th Apr

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jess Campbell

Thank you to the entire Circle team and to IMP Solutions for helping the E-Mental Health story to be shared broadly. Your support is meaningful and impactful.


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Thank you




Bruce Guthro


Paul And Peggy Power

Thanks Bruce Guthro and IMP solutions for supporting QE2


Nick And Maggi Murdock

Thank you for being a light and hope while we wait at home for the world to open up.


Jamie Mccaffrey And Cheryl Glazier

Love the support for local causes by The Circle. Cheers from an expat Maritimer in Ottawa.


Judith Flecknell


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Patrick Kline



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Amanda Hatt

So great to have IMP Solutions and The Circle Continues bring awareness to e-mental health!

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