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Strides for Obesity 2020

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Thursday 10th Sep

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jackie Davis

a true inspiration to many



So proud of you. Hugs.



A great cause, Dorothy. Obesity has affected many of my family members.


Peggy Farren

Love you, Sis


Karen Heukshorst

Good luck Dorothy!!


Tina Richard

You're a huge inspiration!!


Jennifer Ratchford


Wanda Leese

You have done amazing, even with COVID!!! And this is a huge commitment! Way to go Dorothy!!!


Julie Wolowicz

Dorothy - You've worked so hard, you are AWESOME! I feel your pain on carrying the extra weight around for years and not being able to drop it as I'm in the same boat (although I have yet to commit to change like you). No matter our age, it's never fun to hear disparaging remarks about our weight. Hope you raise some major funds for a great cause!


Dorothy Williamson

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