Birthday donations

By Heather Delo

I'm donating my birthday to support this awesome cause

This year I'm donating my birthday to support this amazing organization. So instead of gifts, I'd like to ask you to support them too with a donation. Thank you!

This year instead of presents I want everyone to donate whatever they can $110 $ $50 any amount works. The QE2 foundation is the amazing organization that benefits  our hometown.

I have personally experience care in their facilities, as well as benefitted from six years of incredible care for my father while fighting cancer. The staff are hard-working, resilient, and compassionate. I know our healthcare system is not perfect, but I would like to think with everybody’s support that any little bit of a donation makes it that much better for us and our families, my entire family is born in November so as much as I am fundraising in the name of my father, I’m fundraising for my family so you can send their gift to me as a donation ! They may or may not know you will donate so leave a little message so we can enjoy ! 

Thank you for your support


Don & Daniel Power

Love you



Happy Birthday


Joseph Paul Fougere


Paula Yeates

Hugs, Paula


Natasha Rosnok


Janet Delo


Heather Delo

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