Hockey for Hope

By Sharon Needham

We hear a lot about the physical effects of cancer treatments, but the social and emotional impacts can be just as daunting.

Cancer Patients must navigate a multitude of stresses during their initial treatments, but once the physical part of cancer is dealt with, patients may often feel alone and require support to adjust to their “new normal” after cancer. 

Unfortunately, the current resources for cancer patients are limited, so many patients have a long wait to receive care, if they get assistance at all. There is an urgent need to expand mental health counselling and therapy services for cancer survivors, so they have the support they need to move forward and adapt to their new life.

Hockey for Hope is organized by cancer survivor and thriver, Shay Needham. She is a passionate advocate for fellow cancer patients and has made it her mission to give back to those who are facing similar challenges.

Money raised through this charity tournament will be donated to a newly created fund at the QEII Foundation in collaboration with Shay’s Angels. This fund will provide resources for cancer patients who are referred through their cancer care team to receive private counselling. 

Thank you for your support


Shay's Angels


James MacDonald


Earthco Premium Soils Inc.


Muriel MacKay


The Arthur L. Irving Family Foundation


Shawn O’Brien


Sophie Babin


Sophie Grant


Steve MacDonald

I had the opportunity to take part in a game today at the 4-Pad. Lots of fun. Thanks for this great event for a great cause.


Sarah Hare

All the best this weekend!!! Go Hockey for Hope!!!


Bethany McKay

Hope you have a great weekend! You are a true inspiration!!!


Jenna Romano


Carolyn Harvie

Sorry I couldn't participate. This cause is near and dear to many, all the best for a huge success, and thank you for helping bring awareness to such a vital part of recovery.


Michael Eagles


Phillip Sprague




Marg MacDonald

Thanks for taking on this great event and playing it forward!Congrats and hope you reach your goal!❤️


Kenneth & Patricia Needham


Robert Mandeville


Christa Smith


Abigail Tramble




Nautel Limited

this donation is made in support of Kelly Pittman, a team member at Nautel Limited


Bill and Moira

Great initiative Shay! Congratulations on the great work you continue to do.


Menzies Aviation

Menzies Aviation is delighted to make a donation from our JMM Community Fund, as requested by Sharon Needham.


Richard Decoste

🏒 It’s an incredible game 🏒 Have Fun!!!


Steve Tibbetts

Proud to call you my friend!


Mike & Lynda Watt

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