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A life-changing diagnosis – or healthcare experience – can knock anyone off their feet. Any of us could need help when we least expect it. The truth is that sometimes patients are more concerned about the financial burden of being sick than they are about their illness.

But this Giving Tuesday, you have the power to help someone focus on what matters most: their health.

$25 today supports a patient in need through the QEII Patient Essentials Fund

The QEII Patient Essentials Fund QEII allows health care providers and staff to make decisions on the spot regarding patients who urgently require financial support as soon as their need for help arises.

Help provide gift cards for gas, groceries, hospital parking and personal care items for patients in need.

This Giving Tuesday, you can have an immediate impact on patients and their families.

$25 today supports 1 deserving patient.

$50 today supports 2 deserving patients.

$100 today supports 4 deserving patients.

$250 today supports 10 deserving patients.

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