Sawyer's Heart Health Fundraiser

By Sawyer Burke Join Me

Hello Everyone, 

My name is Sawyer Burke, I'm 12 Years old and live in Nova Scotia, Canada. February, is Heart Month where we Care for those and Remember those who are Currently living with Heart Disease and Had it in the Past. Heart Disease, is the Biggest Killer, in 2019, 523 Million people died due to Heart Disease but there is a way to fight it. Every Donation counts so instead of Receiving Candy, Chocolate or other Delicious Treats this year, I will receive Donations to help beat Heart Disease. My Mother has Non-Compacted Dilated Cardiomyopathy and my Maternal Great Grandfather, John Karagianis died of a Heart Attack at age 63. Thanks, 

Sawyer Burke                    Stay Safe and Covid free

Thank you to my Sponsors


Great Grandnan And Poppy

Keep up the great work Sawyer for such an important cause.


Linda Macdonald And Angela Macdonald


Scott Burke

Proud of you as always! Love Uncle Scott & Uncle James & Revy


Paula Macdonald


Robert Streng

Great work once again!!!!

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