Sawyer Surgical Robotics Campaign ( In Honour of my Maternal Grandfather)

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Hi Folks,

My name is Sawyer, I am 12 years old. I am accepting donations for one of the QEII Health Sciences Centre's top priorities, Surgical Robotics. This improves the quality we are able to do Surgery's. As you know, technology is overcoming the world you know, like 3D printers who use concrete to build buildings. These robots can change and improve the way Surgery's are done. Also hospital stays-are shorter due to the fact that these robots are able to do the same quality of Care except much faster, it means you can go home quicker and so the hospitals aren't always packed tight. The worlds changing and new modern advanced technology can save lives and improve the care of patients.I am asking that you please make a donation to my campaign so we can help hit the QEII goal of purchasing Surgical Robotics. Thanks everyone!


My Updates

Sawyer QEII Surgical Robotics Campaign

Saturday 24th Oct
Hi Everyone!    We are doing great, lets keep this up! Lets get to 1000! Now is your chance to help!

My name is Sawyer, I'm 12 and I'm fundraising for one of the QEII Health Sciences Center's top priorities, Surgical Robotics. Thees robots a improve the quality of medicals/surgeries and finish surgeries quicker so you aren't as long in the hospital. New modern technology is changing the world and saving lives, I think this is one piece of tech that can save lives and reduce the amount of handwork Surgeons have to do. Also these robots have cameras on the legs of the robot so the Surgeons can have a more clear view. I am kindly asking for your donation please. Thanks, take care!


Thank you to my Sponsors


Heather Peach


Frederick Tanner

'76 was a good yr for me so I hope it's a good help for your worthy cause. :) Keep up the great work Sawyer.


Darlene Young

Sawyer you outlook on life at the age of 12 amazes me. You have qualities of a humanitarian ! Keep up the great work.




Sawyer Burke


Shawna Selby


Heather Mitchell


Angelica Negreira

Awesome job Sawyer!!! Keep up the good work!!!


Jean Botting

Great work Sawyer. I'd love to meet you some day.


Geoff Graham & James Tee

Sawyer - Thank you for inspiring others to give!


Sarah Murphy

Thank you for your hard work, Sawyer!


Jeanette Gill

Thank you for doing this for all of us, Sawyer!


Tom O'handley

Thank you Sawyer!



Thank you for all that you do for our community, Sawyer!


Collen Rhyno


Tammy Chapman

Great work Sawyer ❤️


Mike Cook


Alisha Macdonald

Awesome! Keep up the good work ❤️


Robert Strang

Thanks for doing this Sawyer. You are awesome!


Blair Collier

Keep up the good work young fella xo You're on track to have a very meaningful life 😀


Scott Burke

So proud of my nephew Sawyer and his generosity!


Beverley L Volsky


Alisa Morris

Very important campaign towards improving patient care. Great job!


Jennifer Volsky Rushton

Surgical robotics are amazing, good luck on reaching your goal, Sawyer!


Jennifer Mccloy


Jennifer Tanner

Good Luck Sawyer!!


Vance Collier

Good luck on your goal!


Great Grandnan And Poppy Macdonald

We are so proud of you Sawyer and the interest you show in helping others. This donation is for my IPad stand you so patiently built for me.


Linda Macdonald

Sawyer I’m so proud of all the money you raised during Covid!


Max And Annabella Pottie


Juanita Pottie

What a rounded young man you are becoming. Your compassion to others is really kind.


Laura And Dennis Burke

So proud of your commitment to helping others once again!


Paula Macdonald


Angela Macdonald-burke

It's a great cause to support and have fun working towards your fundraising goal Sawyer! This donation is for the bird house you made. Keep up the great work :)

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